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STILLERS® is the first product range to emerge from the stills at Old Coach House Distillery Ltd, the world’s first alcohol free distillery, on a mission to help you drink mindfully.

They are alcohol free 100% distilled botanical drinks handcrafted in Wales by traditional copper pot distillation.

The name is a take on the process of distillation and to being in a stillness state of mind empowering one on how to change one’s habits to live mindfully.

Each drink is crafted using the finest grade organic herbs and spices drawing inspiration from traditional processes, travel and culture.

We do not use alcohol at any stage of the process to extract the pure essences of the botanicals and blend our pure distillates with the finest Welsh spring water.

Our philosophy is based on tradition, purity, honesty, green label and provenance.

Therefore, STILLERS® is a pure botanical distillate without any added flavours, colours, sweeteners or sugar that delivers a sophisticated profile of flavours to the palate that hold their own when served with your favourite mixer or as a base in cocktails.

Taste the true essence of the botanicals with each serve.

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